Why We Don’t Use Wix, SquareSpace, or Other Hosted Site Builders

These site building services can really be great for certain types of websites. But when it comes to running a full blown business, these services won’t cut it.

When you’re running a digital agency, there are two things you must have:

  1. Control
  2. Extensibility

These hosted site builders limit both of these.

When you use a hosted site builder, you’re bound to them. You can’t pack up your site and move it some where else. Which is perfect for some people, but for a business this could be costly.

A lot of these hosted site builders have too many restrictions. They limit the number of products you can sell. You can also only use plugins or extensions that have been built specifically for their system, which can also be extremely limited.

What to use instead

You should use the self-hosted version of WordPress. If you have any issues with your hosting company, you can simply export it and upload it to a different web host. You’re not bound to any one hosting company.

WordPress powers a large chunk of websites today and it is easily becoming the industry standard for Content Management Systems, if it’s not already.

There are also tons of high quality themes and plugins that can help you get up and running very quickly. This is perfect if your running your own digital agency. This means you don’t need to design or code anything in order to get a site up.

Almost all hosting companies today provide the ability to install WordPress so you don’t have to configure anything. You can literally be up in running in minutes.




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