Leveraging Your Network To Find Clients

One of the best places to start marketing your digital agency is within your current network. Start by letting your friends and family know that you can help people setup their websites.

In this day and age, almost everyone you know will eventually want to setup a website. If they don’t, chances are they’ll know someone who does. You want to be the go-to person that everyone knows who does digital marketing.

For some people this might be too uncomfortable. The fear of failure and embarrassment takes over.

If you were a contractor or freelancer, where you were the only person doing all the design and marketing, then yes, you should be worried.

But if you’re taking our approach, which is to be a delegator and facilitator, then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

So, instead of telling your friends that you do web design and digital marketing, say that you work with a phenomenal group of designers and digital marketers.

Don’t make your digital agency about you, make it about your team. When you do that, it relieves all the pressure from you failing. You simply become the person that’s there to bring people together to accomplish a goal.

When you do that, everything becomes much more enjoyable. You end up helping your friends and family with their sites and you also help designers and marketers do what they do best. It’s a win-win.


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