Leveraging Your Network To Find Clients

  12.10.2017   John

One of the best places to start marketing your digital agency is within your current network. Start by letting your friends and family know that you can help people setup

What is a Digital Agency and Your Role In It?

  12.10.2017   John

A digital agency helps a client expand their online presence. It really boils down to two things: Setting up a website Marketing the website If they already have website, a

The Right Perspective For Running a Successful Digital Agency

  22.09.2017   John

As you know, our main focus is cashflow. We define cashflow as the ability to make money through an automated system. An automated system is a combination of people and

The Best Cashflow Generating Business To Start Today

  19.09.2017   John

The best cashflow generating business to start today is a Digital Agency. A digital agency simply helps people or other companies setup their website. Yes, a digital agency can do

When to Start Automating Processes

  18.09.2017   John

Automation is the holy grail of generating cashflow. In order to start automating processes, you need to have enough capital. But, every situation is a little different. Although you might

Why We Don’t Use Wix, SquareSpace, or Other Hosted Site Builders

  18.09.2017   John

These site building services can really be great for certain types of websites. But when it comes to running a full blown business, these services won’t cut it. When you’re

The Only Credit Card Processing Company We’ll Use

  18.09.2017   John

When it comes to accepting payments on your site, no one does it better than Stripe. Seriously, Stripe makes it super simple to start processing credit cards. They also have

Finding Potential Clients Outside Your Network

  17.09.2017   John

Having an ever growing list of potential clients to contact is critical for succeeding at generating cashflow as a digital agency. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to

What is an SSL Certificate and Why You Need One

  17.09.2017   John

An SSL Certificate encrypts the traffic between a browser and a server. That way any data passed across the internet can’t be viewed by potential hackers. This is extremely important

How to Setup a Demo Site For a Potential Client

  16.09.2017   John

Now that you have a list of potential clients you’d like to contact, the next thing to do is setup a demo of what their site could look like if