How to Setup Your Agency Info and Email Notifications

Now that you have your agency site installed, you’ll want to go through and update a few places to use your real company name. You’ll also need to configure your email settings so that everything works correctly.

Head over to your agency site and login.

Updating the Header and admin Email

Once you’re in the admin area, hover over Settings and then click General in the left sidebar navigation.

Here is where you can update your Site Title. The Site Title is what shows up on the top left navigation on the frontend. So for the Site Title you’ll want to put your digital agency’s name.

On this page, you can also update where admin notifications should get sent. You can do this by using your email in the Email Address field.

Now you’ll get an email notification for anything that needs your attention, ie new user registrations, payments, order statuses, etc.

Updating the Footer

In the footer, you’ll also want to update the dummy agency name. To do that, hover over Genesis in the left sidebar navigation and click Theme Settings.

Look for the Genesis Custom Footer section. Change the Your Digital Agency text to use your new agency name. Then, scroll to the bottom and click the Save Changes button

Updating WooCommerce EmailS

The WooCommerce email is the “From:” email that clients will see whenever they get an email notification regarding any payments or orders.

In order for emails to get sent, it needs to have the same domain as the URL. For example, if your domain name is “thaliadigital.com”, this email should use @thaliadigital.com as the email suffix.

For example, you could use no-reply@thaliadigital.com or notifications@thaliadigital.com. In this example, we’ll use no-reply but feel free to use whatever you’d like.

To update your WooCommerce email, hover over WooCommerce in the left sidebar navigation and then click Settings.

In the top navigation, click the Emails tab. Scroll down to the Email sender options. Update the “From” name field to use your agency name. Then, update the “From” address to use “no-reply@youragencyname.com”. Replace “@youragencyname.com” with your domain name.

While you are on this page, you can also update the WooCommerce email footer section. Under the Email Template section, update the Footer text to use your agency name.

Once that’s done, scroll down and click Save Changes button.

Updating Subscriptions Email

You’ll also need to update the “From:” address for subscription notifications. These are notifications that your clients will receive in regards to their monthly payments.

Currently it’s setup to email your clients 2 weeks before their credit card will be charged.

To update this email, hover over Follow-Up Emails in the left navigation sidebar and click Emails.

Once the page loads, you’ll see a menu section called “View by Email Type:”. Click the Subscriptions Email link.

Find the Use this address as the From and Reply-To: section. In the first input field, update it to use your agency name. In the second field, use “no-reply@youragencyname.com”. Replace “@youragencyname.com” with your domain name.

It should look something like: “Your Digital Agency <no-reply@youragencyname.com>”.

Once those are updated with your info, scroll down and click the Update Priorities button.

Contact Form

To update where the contact form emails get sent, hover over Contact in the left sidebar navigation and click Contact Forms. You should see a list of your contact forms.

For now, you should only see a Contact Us form. This is the same form that powers the contact form on the Contact Us page.

Go ahead and click the Contact Us link. This will take you to the edit page of the contact form. Then, click the Mail tab.

Here you can configure the notification email to however you’d like. You’ll want to update the To field to use your email address, otherwise you won’t receive an email when someone fills out the form on the Contact Us page.

You’ll want to make sure to update the From field correctly. To do that, update from email address to use your domain name for the same reason that we mentioned above.

You should see something like: “[your-name] <wordpress@truhost.co>”. Replace truhost.co with your domain name. Once that’s updated, scroll down and click the Save button.

And, that’s it. Your site is now updated with your agency name and ready to send and receive email notifications.




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