How to Login to Your Agency Site

The real power in your new digital agency site is in the admin area. This is where you can create or modify the services you want to offer as well as manage your clients.

Head over to your new digital agency site.

Click My Account in the top right navigation. You should be taken to a login form.

The credentials for your new digital agency are:

username: admin
password: password

Once you’re logged in, you should see a dark navigation bar at the top of your site. This is where you can enter and exit the admin area.

To enter the admin area, click the Your Digital Agency on the top right of the dark navigation bar.  In a later article, we’ll show you how to update your agency info, so that the Your Digital Agency text will actually be the name of your agency.

To create a new user, hover over the Users link in the left sidebar navigation and then click Add New.

You’ll be taken to a new user form. Fill out the information and make sure to set your Role as an Administrator.

Once you’ve done that, logout and log back in with your new credentials.

Next, you’ll want to delete the admin user. Go ahead and click the Users link in the left sidebar. This will take you to a list of all the active users on your site. Hover over the admin user and click Delete.

You should get a notification asking what to do with all the content created by the admin user.

Click the Attribute all content to: option and select your new user account from the dropdown.

Then, click the Confirm Deletion button.

Alright, you should now have complete access to your digital agency’s admin area. Next up, we’ll show you how to integrate stripe so you can get paid.



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