How to Integrate Stripe So You Can Get Paid

When it comes to running a digital agency or any business for that matter, the most important question you need to answer is, “How does money get into our bank account?”

If your customers or clients can’t pay you, you can’t survive as a business.

As you know, we prefer to use Stripe as our payment processor.

So, the first step is to head over to Stripe and create an account. They will ask for a bank account number in order to activate your account. If you don’t have one now, you’ll need to get one in order to process real credit cards.

What’s great about Stripe is that they set you up with a demo account so you can test that everything is working without having to use a real credit card.

Once you’re logged into your Stripe dashboard, click API on the left sidebar navigation. You should see a section that says API Keys. It’s these keys that allow you to access your Stripe account from your digital agency site.

The two keys you’ll need are the Publishable key and the Secret key.

Now, in a new tab, login to your digital agency site. Once you’re logged in, you should now see a dark navigation bar on the top. Click the Your Digital Agency  link in the top left to get into the admin area.

Once you’re in the admin area, hover over the WooCommerce link in the left sidebar navigation, and then click Settings.

After the Settings page loads, click the Checkout tab in the top navigation. This will load all your checkout integration options.

Right below the Checkout tab, you’ll see a Checkout options menu. Click the Stripe link.

If you scroll down a little bit, you’ll see three options, Test Mode, Test Publishable Key, and Test Secret Key.

Test Mode allows you to make mock credit card payments on your site so that you can go through the entire process that a potential client or customer would take without needing a real credit card.

The Test Publishable Key and Test Secret Key are the keys you need to use so that Stripe knows we don’t want to make real requests.

If you disable Test Mode, you’ll notice that the Test Publishable Key and Test Secret Key now become Live Publishable Key and Live Secret Key.

These are the keys you’ll need in order to process real credit cards. If you’ve activated your site, you should be able to access both your Test keys and Live keys from the API section in your Stripe dashboard.

For now, copy and paste your test keys into your WooCommerce settings and keep Test Mode enabled.

Once that’s saved, head over to the frontend of your digital agency site. You can do that by clicking the Your Digital Agency link on the top left side of the navigation bar.

Next, click Digital Products on the top right navigation menu of your frontend site.

Go ahead and purchase one of your services.

For the credit card number, use:
4242 4242 4242 4242

For the expiration date, you can use any month and year in the future. And, for the CVC code, you can use any 3 digits.

Once you place your order, you should see the new balance in your Stripe dashboard.

You’re now ready to start accepting credit cards. All you need to do is make sure you activate your Stripe account. Then, copy and paste your live Publishable and Secret Keys into your WooCommerce settings page.



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