Finding Potential Clients Outside Your Network

Having an ever growing list of potential clients to contact is critical for succeeding at generating cashflow as a digital agency.

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to find potential clients. It’s easy, simply because there are so many of them.

Personal Network

The easiest and quickest way to find a potential client is by reaching out to your own contacts. Once your friends and family know that you can help them set up their websites, you’ll  be surprised at how many referrals you’ll generate through them alone. Trust and familiarity will be your strongest and biggest selling point.

Outside of your Personal Network

If you’re looking to find leads outside of your immediate network, you can follow the steps below:

First, search for all the local businesses around your area. If you’re just starting out, you’re more likely to land a client if you live close by simply because it’s easier to connect and relate to each other.

Next, get a list of all the local businesses in the area. This list can actually grow very quickly. Search for restaurants, contractors, landscapers, architects, doctors, lawyers, physical trainers, fitness gyms.

Finally, get your final list of leads that you’ll reach out to. Go to each website and determine if you can offer something that they don’t have:

  1. Look at the general design of the site. If it’s really outdated, difficult to read, or poorly designed, add them to your list of leads.
  2. Check to see if their site is secure. If they aren’t using https, add them to your list.
  3. Take a look at what their site looks like on a mobile device. If it looks unreadable, add them to your list.
  4. Check for social media pages. If they don’t have any, add them to your list.
  5. Search for their company in Google and see where they show up. If they don’t or you think they could do better, add them to your list.

This should get you a decent sized lead list. Now if you’re thinking, I don’t know anything about marketing or mobile design, that’s ok.

Remember, your goal should be to generate cashflow. If you’re trying to do everything yourself, you won’t be able to scale and you’ll get burnt out.

We’ll show you how to outsource all web design and marketing tasks.

So, to recap, outdated design, security, mobile responsiveness, social media presence, and search engine placement are the things you should look for when finding a potential client.



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